Public Health Update

From our friends at Norfolk Department of Public Health: 

Eligible individuals in Phases 1a and 1b are currently receiving vaccinations. The current priority groups are fire and law enforcement; education and child care workers; and residents 65 and older. Future priority groups are individuals ages 16 – 64 with underlying health conditions; corrections and homeless shelter workers; food, agriculture, manufacturing and grocery workers; public transit, mail carriers; and officials needed to maintain continuity of government.

Vaccine appointments are based on Virginia Department of Health guidance: phase eligibility, priority group, preregistration submission date, underlying health conditions and level of risk for severe complications due to COVID-19.

Virginia receives 105,000 new doses per week, with Norfolk’s weekly doses totaling 2,775.  Virginia’s primary distribution of doses is allocated by the Virginia Department of Health to local health districts, in proportion to each district’s population. A health professional will contact individuals to schedule an appointment.  Appointment notifications can take up to eight weeks. 

Once you preregister and receive a vaccine appointment, please arrive to your appointment on time and not early. We want to maintain physical distancing for everyone’s safety, and limit crowding and long waits. If you arrive early, please remain in your car. 

For more information on these phases and to preregister, visit

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