MetroNet Construction

MetroNet Fiber construction is beginning. Follow the construction here:

To be notified when your address is eligible to schedule installation, see the “Signup Early!” section towards the bottom of that same page.

Time to Toss the Tree?

Place natural trees, with decorations removed, at the curb on your trash collection day. You can also drop off natural trees to Waste Management, 1176 Pineridge Road, December 28 through January 28.

Street Sweeping Delays

Street sweeping delays are expected through late January/early February. Due to national supply chain shortages for parts, the Stormwater Street Sweeping Program is experiencing delays in equipment repairs.

Street sweepers are not designed to pick up large volumes of leaves. Only streets with a curb and gutter are swept. Leaves should never be raked or blown into the street or curb line. Per City Code 41.1-4, proactively keep leaves and other debris out the curb line in front of your home.   

Need to get rid of leaves? You have a few options! 

  • Leave the leaves – rake them into your flower beds (free mulch – feeds and insulates your flower beds, and provides a winter shelter for birds, frogs, butterflies and beneficial insects) 
  • Mulch mow – mow the leaves (chop them into smaller pieces), and leave on your lawn (free fertilizer) 
  • Compost (free soil) 
  • Bag for trash day – up to twenty (20) clear bags of leaves can be set out on your regular collection day for pick up by Waste Management 

For parking enforced areas, parking enforcement will continue and posted no parking zones will be ticketed as usual. Please adhere to all No Parking signs.

For non-enforced parking areas, if a neighborhood route is unable to be completed, they will attempt to make it up the following week. If not, the missed portion will be prioritized the next month.

For more information and additional tips for leaf disposal, visit

Get Free Admission to Nauticus During Vaccine Event

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Vote now for your favorite lights display!

We will not hold a Wards Corner Civic League meeting this December.

Instead, we’re asking all of you as our neighbors to take a walk (or drive) on the night of Monday the 20th (or thereabouts) to see the holiday lights decorations around our neighborhood and submit your favorite choices to us. Then email us your votes to any time before December 25th.

We will announce the winners shortly after we tally the votes so that you can go see their display if you hadn’t already.

Join Team Norfolk!

Go beyond finding a new job – find a career that makes a difference with the City of Norfolk.
From accounting to 911 dispatch, equipment operator to public safety, clinician to lifeguard, Team Norfolk needs YOU!

The city is looking to hire and is offering a two-day event to help residents complete the process.
Interested applicants can meet with members of our Compensation & Staffing Team,
learn more about open positions and receive help with the online application process.

Please share with neighbors, friends and family who may be interested in a career that makes a difference!