Board of Directors Elections

At the December membership meeting on Monday, December 18th, civic league members will have the opportunity to nominate, or get themselves nominated, to be elected to the Civic League Board of Directors.  During the meeting we will open the floor to nominations.  Once nominations are completed the President will make a motion for those nominated to be voted into their respective positions by a show of hands.  The current nominations are as follows:

President                        Scott Guirlinger                                                                    1st Vice President         Socko Pearson                                                                          2nd Vice President        Chris DePalma                                                                          Secretary                        Fred Baker                                                                                  Treasurer                       Brian Daniel                                                                                Member-At-Large         ****OPEN*****

This is every member’s opportunity if he or she desires, to become a member of the board.  Just because the above positions have nominations does not mean the positions are closed.  All of the positions can be contested.  We welcome the membership to attend the December meeting and take part in the process.