If you ask…

Why should residents join the Wards Corner Civic League?
What is joining the WCCL going to do for me?

As Civic League members, we…

  • Serve to advocate for residents to the city
  • Educate and empower residents through meetings and speakers
  • Connect residents to city leaders and staff
  • Host public forums for elected officials to address their constituents
  • Address crime and public safety concerns
  • Inform residents through monthly newsletter, website, and social media
  • Host scheduled membership meetings
  • Host periodic social events
  • Coordinate neighborhood beautification and cleanup projects

Become part of something to the neighborhood that is bigger than just yourself.   As a member, you can choose to do as little or much as you wish to do.  Your $10 annual financial support helps the civic league carry on all that we mention above and more.



If you wish to create a PayPal account, your annual payment to the Wards Corner Civic League will be made annually, automatically through PayPal.  Select “Subscribe” create a PayPal account:

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To join the Wards Corner Civic League without creating a PayPal account, select “Pay Now” and select a payment method (this still a PayPal site):

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To stop PayPal payments to the Wards Corner Civic League, select “Unsubscribe”.