Dues continue to be just $10 per household per year.

If you ask…

Why should residents join the Wards Corner Civic League?
What is joining the WCCL going to do for me?

As Civic League members, we…

  • Serve to advocate for residents to the city
  • Educate and empower residents through meetings and speakers
  • Connect residents to city leaders and staff
  • Host public forums for elected officials to address their constituents
  • Address crime and public safety concerns
  • Inform residents through monthly newsletter, website, and social media
  • Host scheduled membership meetings
  • Host periodic social events
  • Coordinate neighborhood beautification and cleanup projects

Become part of something to the neighborhood that is bigger than just yourself.   As a member, you can choose to do as little or much as you wish to do.  Your $10 annual financial support helps the civic league carry on all that we mention above and more.

Please mail or deliver your annual dues via check to our treasurer Grea Sellers at

610 Barcliff Rd
Norfolk, VA 23505

To join or renew your membership in the Wards Corner Civic League online, we accept payments through PayPal (account optional; PayPal can process your payment with or without an account).

If you have a PayPal account, please consider sending your payment directly to as a “Friends and Family” payment to save the civic league on PayPal fees. You may add a note to designate your payment as a new membership or a renewal.

If you prefer the simplicity of creating an automatic, recurring annual membership payment to the Wards Corner Civic League, we offer a subscription payment plan through PayPal using the Subscribe button below (account is required for this option). You may use the Unsubscribe button at any time to stop future PayPal payments to the Wards Corner Civic League.

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