March 2012 message and meeting info

The March 2012 civic league meeting will be held on the 19th at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.
The Agenda includes:  VA General Assembly update from the following invited representatives: Delegates Kenny Alexander, Linwood Lewis, and Senator Ralph Northam.  Additionally we expect updated renderings of the Harris Teeter anchored shopping center from Chris Perry

Here is President Jim English’s message for March 2012:


Dear Neighbors,

Congratulations and thank you to the alert neighbors on Maycox Ave, Burleigh Ave, and Ruthven Road who notified the police about a burglary in progress on Maycox Ave, Thursday, February 23, 2012. Because of their steady, constant and persistent vigilance and after numerous calls to the police dispatcher, the police arrived and two of the three young dysfunctional punks who tried to break in at a Maycox address were apprehended at the time of the break-in. To the victim, I am sorry this happened to you. The victim has placed the following sign in his yard as a reminder that it pays to know and look out for your neighbors. I couldn’t agree more. This is what neighbors should do. We should watch out for each other and when we see a problem that needs police intervention call, and call and call until we get them there. While it is frustrating to not get the police there on the first call, if we see a crime or potential crime in progress the only way to get action is to continue to make repeated calls to 911 until someone from the police department shows up. My sincere kudos to all the neighbors involved in this incident for doing what good neighbors do. Being persistent and not giving up when a crime is in progress is what is needed. Let’s all learn from their example.

The following is from the Bon Secours Hampton Roads website and is provided as an update on the construction phase of the medical center campus. You may see more plans on the website:
Bon Secours Virginia has announced the beginning of the second phase of the campus development plan for Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center. The health system plans to break ground on a 105,000 square foot, four-story medical office building, which will be located on the medical center campus, just off Granby Street at 150 Kingsley Lane, by late summer or early fall of 2012 with occupancy expected to be available for occupancy by fall of 2013.

The $25 million new office building will be home to specialists and primary care physician practices. At the core of the facility will be a comprehensive cancer center, which will place state-of-the-art technology in the hands of cancer experts, enabling them to address the unique needs of those battling cancer.
“Over the past three years, Bon Secours has continued to demonstrate its commitment to the Norfolk community by making a series of investments in programs and services at Bon Secours DePaul,” said John E. Barrett, CEO, Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center. “With the first phase of investments completed we are looking forward to the development of our new medical office building, which marks the start phase two. Our final phase of development will be the construction of the new Bon Secours DePaul to allow us to better serve our community.”

During phase one developments at DePaul in 2011, the health system invested in a variety of new equipment, facility upgrades, and other expansions, including:
• A neuroscience intensive care unit
• New cardiac catheterization laboratory
• An interventional neurovascular laboratory
• Hampton Roads first low-dose 64-slice computerized tomography scanner
• A state-of-the-art robotic surgical system for the minimally invasive surgery program
• Renovations on the patient care units
• Recruitment of numerous physician experts
• Significant site preparations and extensive planning with the Norfolk Planning office and DuanyPlater-Zyberk

I am happy to report that Vision, the night club in the 100 block of E. Little Creek Road where 5 people were injured as a result of multiple gunshots, has CLOSED and will not reopen. Good- bye and good riddance. This property was recently purchased by Mr. Perry and is part of his plan for demolition when he rebuilds his “corner” with the new Harris Teeter as its anchor. Mr. Perry was at our last civic league meeting in February and we anticipate his return at the March meeting for an update on his plans which should include a new design rendering of the building. Please join us and voice your opinion of his plans.

If case you hadn’t noticed, new curb and guttering has been install at Ruthven and W. Little Creek and Grantham Roads. I am sure this makes Ray Duron happy because it makes this once street eyesore look good. He has been asking for this improvement for some time. Enjoy Ray!

Finally, at the March meeting we will have our annual Virginia General Assembly update with our local delegates Kenny Alexander and Linwood Lewis and state senator Ralph Northam. Please join us and see what our Virginia lawmakers have been doing for us this year. It has been a tough year for getting things done so their discussion should be very interesting.

Hoping to see you at the March meeting.