Flood Awareness Week

Just one inch of water in a home can cost more than $25,000 in damage. During the week of March 14 – 20, we encourage residents to:

During this year’s Flood Awareness Week, the city will unveil a new tool that provides a visual representation of flooding on your property. Find out more at norfolk.gov/flooding.

Input Needed: Granby St Bike Lanes

If you walk, drive, or bike along Granby Street between Willow Wood Drive and Admiral Taussig Boulevard (just south of the I-564 overpass), the City of Norfolk wants to hear from you. The Department of Transit is hosting a virtual workshop on March 11, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., to gather public input as part of a project development effort for bike lanes along Granby Street.

Join the workshop to learn about the goals and timeline of this effort, explore different ways to incorporate bicycle facilities, and discuss the potential project with your neighbors.

Please RSVP to save your seat and receive a link to the online meeting: https://bit.ly/3bmcnRA.

Visit www.norfolk.gov/granbybike for project information and to share your ideas.

Parks and Recreation Closures Update

The following recreation centers and pools will reopen on March 1:

  • Huntersville Community Center
  • Lambert’s Point Community Center
  • Berkley Community Center
  • East Ocean View Community Center
  • Norview Community Center
  • Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Southside Aquatics Center
  • Huntersville Pool
  • Northside Pool

Check out the video below of City Manager, Dr. Filer, make the announcement at the 2/23 City Council meeting.

For more information, visit Norfolk.gov/play.

VisitNorfolk Videos

Links to the videos that Kurt Krause from VisitNorfolk shared at our February meeting:

Last year’s Together At Last campaign
Analysis of the Together At Last campaign

This year’s campaign entitled City with Bite, focusing on the wonders of the Norfolk culinary scene: www.citywithbite.com

NPL Mobile Delivery

Norfolk Public Library is offering special mobile services to senior centers, NRHA neighborhoods, and military facilities! This service is for patrons who may find it difficult to reach our branch locations during COVID. Their Grab & Go pickup is available across the city. You can reserve books, DVDs, WiFi Hotspots, and more and pick them up at one of their stops. This completely safe service can be utilized by visiting their catalog at www.norfolkpubliclibrary.org or by calling 757-664-7328 ext. 371. Reserve your item at the Bookmobile and they will deliver it to your stop.

Please see this downloadable schedule for dates and times and share with those who may be interested.

You can also participate in their Grab & Go services at the following branch locations:

  • Pretlow
  • Jordan Newby
  • Park Place
  • Barron F. Black
  • Van Wyck

Ways to Reduce Stormwater Pollution

Pesticides and Fertilizers

Use products only as directed and do not over-fertilize. Never apply before rain. Store in sealed, waterproof containers.

Leaves and Yard Debris

Keep leaves out of storm drains. Never blow them into the street. Mulch mow, compost or put out with the trash in clear plastic bags.

Pet Waste

Clean up all pet waste – even in your own backyard. Properly dispose of it in the trash. Bacteria in pet waste can cause human illnesses.

Next steps to protect water quality all year long.

Federal Rent Assistance

Are you a renter in Norfolk or a landlord with tenants? New federal funding is available in Virginia for rent assistance to avoid eviction.

Governor Ralph Northam announced the additional funding for the Virginia Rent Relief Program this week.

State law requires landlords to work with their tenants to apply. Interested tenants should check eligibility at www.dhcd.virginia.gov/eligibility or by calling 2-1-1.

Tenants may be eligible for rent arrears payments back to April 1, 2020 and up to three months of payments into the future.

The total payments may not exceed 15 months of rental assistance per household.

Virginia Department of Health Launches Vaccine Preregistration Site

UPDATE: Norfolk Vaccine Preregistration Support to End Friday, February 26

We want to let you know on Friday at 4:00 p.m City of Norfolk vaccine preregistration support will end. The local vaccine hotline (664-SHOT), online form and hands-on help at recreation centers will no longer be available. Use Vaccinate Virginia online or by phone to preregister for the vaccine, get information and check your status. Vaccinate.Virginia.gov is available 24/7, or call (877) VAX-IN-VA, (829-4682), 7 days a week, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m

City of Norfolk employees are proud to have helped more than 8,400 residents who called the local vaccine hotline and nearly 1,000 residents who visited our recreation centers. 

If you happen to preregister locally before Friday at 4:00 p.m., your information will be uploaded to the state system within 24-hours.  You can search for your information at vaccinate.virginia.gov

From the Norfolk Department of Public Health (a state-run agency):

Norfolk residents now have two ways to preregister for the COVID-19 vaccine!

The Virginia Department of Health just launched a new COVID Vaccine Information Center to help Virginia residents preregister for the vaccine, check their preregistration status and get vaccine updates. 

The Norfolk Department of Public Health will continue to help you preregister for the vaccine. All Norfolk preregistrations are uploaded to the state system within 24-hours.   

Need help with vaccine preregistration? We have city staff available at the following recreation centers for residents without computer access. Assistance is available Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., through February 26.

  • Berkley Neighborhood Multi-Service Center, 925 S. Main St.
  • Sherwood Forest Recreation Center, 4537 Little John Dr.
  • Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center, 7300 Newport Ave.
  • Park Place Multi-Purpose Center, 606 W. 29th St.
  • East Ocean View Recreation Center, 9520 E. 20th Bay St. 

Have you already preregistered through the Norfolk Department of Public Health? You can easily verify if the state has your preregistration information. Visit Vaccinate.Virginia.gov. Click “Check the List” and enter your name, email or phone number. Be sure to use the same contact information provided for the Norfolk Department of Public Health system. Norfolk Department of Public Health is working closely with the state to ensure a smooth transition of preregistration information

For more information, visit www.norfolk.gov/covid19vaccine.

Oak Trees on W Little Creek Rd

From the city forester regarding the recent removal of four large oak trees on West Little Creek Road:

These Darlington oaks (Quercus hemispherica) were in varying states of health and structural  decline. The crowns of all four trees all had a minimum of 40% of the crowns dead or dying and each tree had major cavities or hollows within the trunks of the trees. Unfortunately this entire section of Little Creek in the entire 400, 500 and 600 block has this same species of oak that  are declining over the past 5 years or so and there will be more [trees] that may decline and most likely have to be removed and replaced in the coming years. In general, we do not remove trees adjacent to each other in such a large swath and we understand how this can be jarring to the public, but due to the advanced state of decline of all 4 trees and to maintain efficiency in our operations these trees were all removed and stump ground in the same time frame.

We will be replacing these trees at the end of this planting season which is during the next month.

Steven Traylor, Certified Arborist MA-4298ATM
City Forester

Adopt-A-Spot Cleanup Rescheduled

Due to inclement weather, our Adopt-A-Spot cleanup has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 27th. More information on our Adopt-A-Spot page.