Oak Trees on W Little Creek Rd

From the city forester regarding the recent removal of four large oak trees on West Little Creek Road:

These Darlington oaks (Quercus hemispherica) were in varying states of health and structural  decline. The crowns of all four trees all had a minimum of 40% of the crowns dead or dying and each tree had major cavities or hollows within the trunks of the trees. Unfortunately this entire section of Little Creek in the entire 400, 500 and 600 block has this same species of oak that  are declining over the past 5 years or so and there will be more [trees] that may decline and most likely have to be removed and replaced in the coming years. In general, we do not remove trees adjacent to each other in such a large swath and we understand how this can be jarring to the public, but due to the advanced state of decline of all 4 trees and to maintain efficiency in our operations these trees were all removed and stump ground in the same time frame.

We will be replacing these trees at the end of this planting season which is during the next month.

Steven Traylor, Certified Arborist MA-4298ATM
City Forester

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