Be prepared for extreme cold

With below-freezing temps heading our way, the Department of Utilities shares these tips to help prevent frozen pipes:

  • Wrap exposed pipes with insulating material.
  • Locate your inside water shut-off valve, if your home has one, and tag it so it’s clearly identifiable. If a frozen pipe bursts, you’ll want to use this valve to stop the water flow and have a plumber make repairs.
  • If your house has a crawl space, cover outside vents to prevent winter winds from freezing pipes.
  • Keep the garage door closed. Some water pipes are located under concrete garage floors.
  • Drip it. Keep water moving with a small trickle.

Have a water or sewer emergency? Contact Utilities’ 24-hour live operator line: 757-823-1000.

If you’re using a space heater, Norfolk Fire-Rescue reminds you to:

  • keep them at least three feet away from flammable objects;
  • never leave them unattended;
  • always unplug when not in use.

We’re also expecting potentially high winds. Be sure to secure loose outdoor items, latch doors and windows, and stay inside, if possible, as the wind chill could dip below zero.