November 2012 message and meeting info

The November 2012 civic league meeting will be held on the 19th at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.
The Agenda includes:  Linda Bryant, DeputyCommonwealth Attorney & Rick Dempsey, Engineer Norfolk Department of Utilities – Update on Pump Station, Neighborhood Sewer Repairs.

Here is President Jim English’s message for November 2012:


Dear Neighbors,

As you read this message we will have elected a President, a Vice President, a US Senator for Virginia and an array of other offices and amendments to the State Constitution. Perhaps your candidate/s won, perhaps they didn’t.  Nonetheless, we are all going to have to recognize that they are our elected officials, and while we may or may not agree with them, they will be with us for four more years (at least). We will and should make our voices heard to our congressmen and elected officials if we do not agree with the policy/s that are being proposed. This is our right and obligation as a free and democratic society.  To sit idly by in apathy as decisions are made without our input or voice oftentimes (or should I say many times) allows poor policies to be put in place that don’t represent the best interest of the majority of us. It allows the few and vocal to get what they want. Exercise your free speech right and speak up to your congressmen or elected officials if you disagree with them. Also let them know if you do agree with them. It works both ways. I know I like to be vocal (sometimes to the point of being borderline obnoxious, I suppose) if what I see happening isn’t right or makes no sense. I challenge you to do the same – but civilly.

Thanksgiving is coming soon and I think we all have much to be thankful for this year.  I am very thankful that the Superstorm known as Sandy-while a strong storm here – did minimal damage to our immediate area. As I drove around our neighborhoods on Monday and Tuesday after the storm was passing through, I was very thankful to see that we suffered only minimal damage to the properties in our civil league area. I know some of you lost power, myself included, but that was probably only for a few hours as it was in my case. All in all, I was very grateful and thankful that we were spared the ravages of the storm that so devastated New Jersey and New York City. There but for the grace of God go us. Let us remember in our thoughts and prayers those in New Jersey and New York City and the other northeastern states that are still suffering and offer them help if we are able.

Finally, you may have heard that the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office is opening a Community Collaboration Center (CCC) in the Workforce Development Center at Wards Corner.  The CCC supports the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and the City by having a small group of prosecutors evaluate and integrate specialized resources and programs into the daily prosecution of cases. The prosecutors are responsible for representing the Commonwealth in Norfolk Circuit Court’s Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Offender Re-Entry Court programs. In addition, the CCC follows the guidelines of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys for community prosecution – a philosophy that encourages collaboration between prosecutors, criminal justice partners, and the community to develop safer neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life of citizens.

Linda Bryant is a Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney and the Director of the CCC. With 15+ years of prosecutorial experience here in Norfolk, she has the knowledge base and perspective to carry out the work of the CCC. Greg Underwood, Commonwealth’s Attorney, firmly believes the CCC is an important extension of the Office – enabling his office to remain deeply committed to their duty of criminal prosecution while fully recognizing the importance of crime prevention initiatives in Norfolk. Physically being located outside of downtown in a satellite office of sorts will increase their accessibility to citizens with public safety/criminal justice needs. Another connectivity goal of the CCC is to recognize citizens who may not need their assistance, but for whom they can facilitate contact with the correct department/agency.

According to Greg Underwood, Norfolk’s Commonwealth Attorney, “We want the community to know their prosecutors are here, handling cases that are in their area code. Placing the office in Wards Corner between the redevelopment under way at the intersection of Granby Street and Little Creek Road and the continued crime problems in Denby Park makes sense. It increases the likelihood of continued change for good.” Underwood called it “complementing the transition.”

“We wanted a place where we could make an impact,” Underwood said. “This was near the Texas streets, where they continue to have some drug issues, high crime.”

If you want to hear more about this office please attend our November civic league meeting as Linda Bryant, Deputy Commonwealth Attorney will be discussing the Community Collaboration Center. We will also have updates on the various projects in the Wards Corner area.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on the 19th of November.