In support of Jim McDonnell

Dear Neighbors,

It is rare that I openly endorse any candidate for public office.  As a fierce independent by nature I will let anyone know what I think (as many of you may know) but I don’t normally commit to endorsing anyone in writing.  That changes this year with Jim McDonnell who is running for Norfolk City Treasurer.  Recently the Virginian Pilot endorsed Jim McDonnell for Norfolk City Treasurer.

I am doing the same. I have worked side by side with Jim McDonnell for the past several years for the betterment of Wards Corner.  I consider him a friend and ally.  He is honest, ethical, open minded and hard working.  He knows the business and financial world better than most people I know.  He is the right choice for Norfolk City Treasurer.  He will work hard to bring respect to the office and break down the barrier between the Treasurers office and the Commissioner of the Revenues office.  A move that is long overdue.  In addition to my endorsement read what the Virginian Pilot and Louis Eisenberg (who I have also worked closely with) have said about Jim McDonnell.

On October 23rd the Virginian Pilot wrote,

In 2010, this page was unable to recommend Anthony Burfoot’s re-election as a city councilman, in part because he was in a position both to collect taxes – as deputy treasurer – and to spend them as a city councilman.

Even though his election would end that conflict, we are left with too many doubts to endorse Burfoot as treasurer.

Instead, we recommend Republican Jim McDonnell, president of the Talbot Park Civic League and a member of the board of the Norfolk Economic Development Authority. McDonnell, a founder of Wards Corner Now, is a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch.

Like Poston, McDonnell has said that rapprochement between the commissioner of revenue and the treasurer is critical to smoothing the city’s financial functions.

“This is a key position in the city – collecting our tax dollars,” McDonnell said. “If you have a problem, that money is gone.”

McDonnell’s criticism of Burfoot centers on the city councilman’s selection by current Treasurer Tom Moss as his successor.

“No. 1, I’m a conservative business guy when it comes to the fiduciary duty of running the office,” McDonnell said. “The second thing is I’m doing this to serve, not to be served.”

McDonnell said he’d work to get senior tax relief completely restored and be more aggressive in collecting delinquent taxes. For his business background, his solid agenda and his lack of conflicts, McDonnell deserves election.

Louis Eisenberg wrote,

On Tuesday, November 5th the voters of the Greater Wards Corner Area will once again have the opportunity to elect “one of our own”.   Jim McDonnell, the President of the Talbot Park Civic League, is on the ballot for the office of Norfolk City Treasurer. Jim McDonnell can be proud of his community leadership and involvement which includes:
• Director of the Norfolk Economic Development Authority
• Norfolk Criminal Justice Board Member
• Member of the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force
• Founding Member of Wards Corner Now
• Norfolk Community Development Block Grant Commission Board (2011)
• Norfolk Juror Commissioner (2009-2011)
• Vice-Chairman for Blessed Sacrament’s Parish Council (2007 – 2010)
• 11th Grade Confirmation Teacher for Blessed Sacrament

Jim McDonnell has worked tirelessly for the improvement of the Wards Corner Business District. Today, we see the results of his unflinching and persistent efforts.  As part of Jim McDonnell’s platform for Norfolk City Treasurer, he has set as one of his top priorities the full restoration of Norfolk’s Senior Tax Relief Program. This is very important to the Greater Wards Corner Area’s large senior population.

Being a trusted financial advisor, Jim McDonnell is the right choice to oversee how Norfolk Citizen’s tax dollars are invested.

Jim McDonnell, “one of our own” has earned our vote for the job as Norfolk’s City Treasurer.

Please Vote Jim McDonnell, Tuesday, November 5th.

Thank you.




James English, President, Wards Corner Civic League.