Peak Hurricane Season is Approaching. Are you ready?

We’re heading into the peak time for the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Do you know your property’s flood risk? The city’s Flood Risk Learning Center is an interactive website that shows personalized flood risk depicted on a photo of your property, rather than on a map:

  • Search for a specific address
  • See potential flood levels pictorially on that property
  • Receive customized interpretations of flood risk and steps to mitigate flood impacts or lower your insurance premiums

Whether you rent or own, make sure you’re covered! New flood insurance policies typically take 30 days to go into effect. Purchase now so you can be covered before a storm hits. Find out more plus additional resources, including Know Your Zone, at

Be sure to follow Facebook and Twitter for more information, tools and resources. Visit to sign up for Norfolk Alert to get the latest information on city operations in the event of a storm.

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