Granby Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update

Upcoming traffic pattern changes

The City of Norfolk’s Department of Transit is a year into the Granby Street Bridge Rehabilitation
Project in which the bridge is undergoing extensive repairs to extend its useable life. Both the bridge deck and the support structures are being repaired to address current corrosion and deterioration issues as well as improve the bridge’s condition.

Beginning Monday, March 28, the southbound lanes on Granby Street Bridge will close to accommodate
rehabilitation work on that portion of the bridge. Northbound traffic over the Granby Street Bridge will
shift to the far two right northbound lanes. The inside left northbound lane on the bridge will then be closed and switched to carry all southbound traffic.

Further, the inside left turn lane on Willow Wood Drive will close to accommodate the single southbound lane crossing over the Granby Street Bridge.

This traffic pattern will be in place through late August. Four portable message signs warning of the
upcoming traffic pattern changes were installed two weeks prior to the southbound bridge closure.

The contractor will coordinate with Norfolk police for assistance on site during this traffic pattern shift.

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