Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center Public Input Survey

Originally constructed in 1969, the existing Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center building, 7300 Newport Ave, Norfolk, VA 23505, was purchased by the City of Norfolk in 2004.  The building has served the community well, but in recent years the building has exceeded its useful lifespan. In April of 2020, the pool was closed due to structural concerns related to the dome that spans and covers the pool.  Based on the safety concerns and the results of additional studies conducted on other portions of the building, the time has come to replace this aged facility with a modern building and reconsidered amenities.  The purpose of this survey is to solicit public input for planning desires and priorities for an enhanced fitness, wellness, and library facility on the existing Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center site.  The results of the survey will be compiled to create a list of priorities for consideration in the new facility.

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