The Norfolk Neighborhood Expo and U.P.L.I.F.T. Awards are back!

Join fellow citizens for the 2021 Norfolk Neighborhood Expo and U.P.L.I.F.T. Awards on Saturday, September 11th at Lakewood Park! This year, the Norfolk Neighborhood Expo from pre-Covid years is being combined with the U.P.L.I.F.T. Awards from 2020. I have provided more information on both the Neighborhood Expo and the U.P.L.I.F.T. Awards below!

2021 Neighborhood Expo

The Expo is an annual event hosted by the Department of Neighborhood Services that celebrates communities and residents across the city. Our department focuses on engagement within Norfolk neighborhoods and aims at fostering positive relationships with residents while encouraging leadership capacity and creating and maintaining community partnerships. This year the Norfolk Neighborhood Expo will be held on Saturday, September 11th from 11 AM – 3 PM at Lakewood Park (1612 Willow Wood Drive). Because the Expo will be held outdoors, this will be a *light* rain or shine event.

Our event will focus on the positive pivots that communities are embracing after turning a corner from 2019. Telling a new story and coming together as engaged neighbors is what we are centering on. Please see the attached flyer and share with neighbors!

U.P.L.I.F.T. Awards

The 2021 U.P.L.I.F.T. (Unity, Public Service, Leadership, Innovation, Friendship & Teamwork) Awards seek to recognize those who performed an act of service that benefited their community and the residents of Norfolk during the pandemic. This includes individuals, civic leagues or community organizations, businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations – any individual or group that made a meaningful impact in the community to help others. Nominations are being accepted until August 27th at 5:00 pm. If they meet the criteria below, they will be recognized with an U.P.L.I.F.T. Award at a presentation ceremony at the 2021 Neighborhood Expo at Lakewood Park on September 11th.

Nomination Criteria

  • Contribution or service must have UPLIFTed the community in a way that promotes Unity, Public Service, Leadership, Innovation, Friendship, or Teamwork
  • Nominees must have contributed to the broader community
  • Contribution or service must have taken place in Norfolk and/or benefited residents of Norfolk
  • Contribution or service must have been performed anytime since September 2020
  • Nominations must be made by someone other than the individual/group being nominated
  • Nominees cannot be UPLIFT Award winners from 2020
  • Pictures and videos are encouraged

Please visit for more information or the UPLIFT Award Nomination Form to submit a nomination!


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