Norfolk City Hall Opens to the Public by Appointment Only

Norfolk City Hall will open to the public by appointment only on November 12.  To protect the health and safety of city employees and the public, walk-ins will not be permitted.  Appointments must be made in advance to allow city employees time to clean and sanitize areas between visits.  

Virtual and phone meetings will remain the preferred method to meet the needs of residents. In-person appointments will be reserved for requests that cannot be handled over the phone, email or virtually. 

To make an appointment, visitors should contact a specific department in advance.  Contact information for city departments is located on the website,

DMV Select located in City Hall is not open.  Visit the DMV website to schedule an appointment at a full-service DMV location. 

Only the person or persons who need to attend the appointment should come to City Hall.  The following COVID-19 procedures are in place for all visitors:

  • The public must enter through the doors on the Union Street side of the building and check in with security
  • Face coverings are required, and physical distancing must be maintained
  • The guard will administer a short COVID-19 health questionnaire
  • Visitors will wait in a clean and sanitized waiting area until appointment
  • The public must exit through the doors on the Civic Plaza side of the building

The City continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 environment and work in partnership with the Norfolk Health Department regarding city operations.   Visit for COVID-19 related information and updates.


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