Granby Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Starting in September 2020 until late 2022, the Granby Street Bridge over the Lafayette River will undergo extensive repairs, to extend its useable life. The bridge deck and support structures will be repaired to address current corrosion and deterioration issues and improve the bridge’s condition.

The following conditions can be expected during construction:

  • The speed limit on Granby Street will be temporarily reduced to 25 mph between 40th Street and W Arden Circle.
  • The northbound and southbound side of the bridge will each be closed for up to six months. Northbound and southbound lanes will shift to the open side of the bridge. 
  • At least one travel lane will remain open in both directions, at all times.
  • One of the two existing sidewalks will be open at all times.
  • The bike lane over Granby Street Bridge will be temporarily closed.
  • The fishing pier will be temporarily closed.

Anticipated lane closure dates will be announced on message boards, Norfolk City News Flashes, and For more information, please visit


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