City to Indefinitely Close All Dog Parks and Some Parks at Sunset Tonight

All dog parks, Northside skate park, small neighborhood and school parks and picnic shelters will close today March 26 at sunset and remain closed until further notice.  The City is taking this unprecedented step to discourage gatherings in small, confined spaces in order to maintain the social distancing mandate.

“I did not make this decision lightly.  We must take appropriate action to maintain the health and safety of our residents.  For the time being, our beaches, large open spaces and the Elizabeth River Trail will remain open.  City staff and police on patrol will monitor these areas and disperse any gatherings of 10+ people,” said Chip Filer, City Manager.

Public boat ramps and kayak launches will also remain open.   Large parks that will remain open include:  Town Point Park, Lakewood Park, Northside Park, Barraud Park, Poplar Hall Park and Bay Oaks Park. Closed and open location lists are attached to this message.

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