Norfolk City Council Approves Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Norfolk City Council has approved the city’s $1.3 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2019, including a 10-cent increase to the real estate tax rate.

The additional revenue from the tax increase — $18.5 million – will be used to invest in the following initiatives:

  • Provide an additional $5 million in funding for Norfolk Public Schools;
  • Implement the St. Paul’s plan to redevelop three public housing areas ($3.5 million);
  • Restore $1.2 million in funding to the Norfolk Police Department;
  • Invest in resilience initiatives to address flooding ($1.8 million);
  • Begin to address the backlog of aging city vehicles and equipment ($3.8 million); and
  • Provide a salary increase for city employees ($3 million).

City departments helped balance the budget through $8 million in expense reductions and elimination of 82 positions. Increases to certain fees added another $3 million in revenue.

For the proposed budget documents and videos, visit

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