2019 Norfolk City Budget Toolkit – Public Hearing Scheduled

Budget Toolkit Puts Resources at Your Fingertips

Find links to documents, videos and other materials

NORFOLK, VA –  We want to be sure it’s easy for residents to stay informed about
the city’s Fiscal Year 2019 Proposed Budget, and that they know how to make
their voices heard.

Our Budget Toolkit includes all your city budget resources in one place. The
toolkit includes links to documents, videos and interactive budget tools as well
as a schedule of upcoming budget discussions and meetings.

Users can share their budget priorities online, anytime, using Balancing Act.  This
online workshop includes information about city departments and the services they provide, and allows users to see how changes affect the budget.

To speak about budget issues in person, residents can attend the Public Budget Hearing at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 18 at Granby High School, 7101 Granby Street.
This is the only public hearing on the budget, and the only time residents will be
able to address council members directly during a public forum on budget items.

City Council has planned several work sessions to discuss the FY2019 Proposed Budget. City Council does not accept public comment during any of its work

During City Council’s formal meeting on May 8, residents may comment only on current agenda items and new business. The council will not accept comment on
the budget during that meeting.

The public hearing scheduled for May 10 deals only with real estate reassessments.

As always, residents may express comments or concerns directly to your City
Council member, using the contact information found here or by calling


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