March 2017 meeting info and President’s message

The March 2017 Wards Corner Civic League meeting will be held on the 20th at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.

Invited speakers are Officer William Old, Bev Sell, Founder and General Manager of Five Points Farmer’s Market, Frank Walker, President of Norfolk Beekeepers, and Jay Jones, Candidate for Delegate of the 89th District.

Below is the President’s Message:

By Scott Guirlinger, President

Dear Neighbors,

Sustainability. Go Local. Or just the color Green. These are terms we hear all around us these days. Sustainable living promises to help us save money, be healthier, cut out toxic chemicals, reconnect with our community, grow our knowledge and skills, and improve our quality of life. There are many sustainable practices taking place in Norfolk now, some for a very long time, and others just starting up.

This month we will feature two great champions of local sustainability with Bev Sell, Founder & General Manager of Five Points Farmer’s Market, and Frank Walker, President of Norfolk Beekeepers. They will fill us in on all of the cool things that their associations have going on now and in the coming months. With spring officially starting on the day of our next civic league meeting (March 20th), there’s a lot of buzz (pun intended) and excitement in the air. Please do come join us; we’re all bound to learn at least a thing or two that will help make our lives a little better and hopefully our neighborhood and city better too.

Looking beyond this month, I’d really like to hear from you, the residents. Our civic league board exists not to tell residents what the city needs, but rather to advocate your needs and concerns to the city. Our board can always meet and discuss what we think are neighborhood priorities and issues, but we can be much more effective with your input. What we really want to know is, what do you want our Wards Corner neighborhood to be? We’re here to listen first, then take action.

For example, if someone gave you $500 to spend on a neighborhood project, what would your project be? (By the way, such grant money does exist!) Send me an email at, message me on NextDoor, or catch me after one of our upcoming meetings. And if I’m not available for some reason, I’m certain any of our other board members would be glad to listen. I’m sure all of you have some fantastic ideas worth sharing with our board and the rest of the neighborhood.

Scott Guirlinger
President, Wards Corner Civic League

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