November 2015 meeting info and President’s message

The November 2015 Wards Corner Civic League meeting will be held on the 16th at 6:30pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center on Newport Ave.

The Commissioner of Revenue, Evans Poston, is scheduled to speak.

President’s message:

Dear Neighbors,
By the time you read this edition of the newsletter, another election day has come and gone and we have elected two new people to represent us in the Virginia General Assembly, a Senator and a Delegate. Whatever the outcome of these two races we will have to work with these people for the next several years. Let’s wish them well in their respective
offices and trust that they serve us with dignity, honesty and integrity.

Now with that election over we will be preparing for another election his May. Those of the Mayor and Superward 6 are the face-off elections this spring. Candidates are already starting to line up for this election. This means that we will be having at least two candidate forums in the coming months for each of these positions. We will also probably be holding
those forums jointly with other civic leagues in our area. First up will most likely be the Superward 6 candidates possibly in January.

So far we have three candidates each running for the two positions. For Superward 6 this is: Andria McClellan, a member of the planning commission; Warren Stewart, a member of the school board; and incumbent Councilman Barclay Winn. Running for Mayor is: Andy Protogyrou, city councilman for Ward 1 (our Ward); Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe and
Kenneth Alexander, Norfolk State Senator to the Virginia General Assembly.

During the next several months prior to the election we hope to be able to introduce all of these candidates to you to help in your decision making. Please look for more information about this in our upcoming newsletters and civic league meetings.

Please take the time to read the many interesting articles in this edition of the newsletter. We strive to bring you the latest
news of the Wards Corner area that we are aware of since the last newsletter. Sometimes we have slow news months and struggle to find something to write about and other times there is a lot to write about.

I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving as we mark the beginning of the holiday season. Thanks, and I hope to see you at the next civic league meeting on November 16th, 2015 at the Wellness Center at 645PM.  Our guest will be the Commissioner of the Revenue, Evans Poston.



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