Utilities updates

The civic league has received the following utilities updates generated as a result of questions at the last civic league meeting:

  • The white markings along the block 500 of Maycox and Burleigh are from the gas company to inform them the utilities marked are not owned by the gas company.
  • There will be further survey marking in the next few months though, as the next phase of work is currently in design in this area (500 block of Burleigh, Maycox, and Little Creek Rd).  This Norfolk Utilities construction will not start until early winter 2014 or possibly right after the new year, 2015.  I will provide a further update at the next meeting.
  • Paving is to occur within the next few weeks to open up the intersection of North Shore Rd and Millbrook.  This will allow the contractor to close Ruthven and North Shore Rd as the next phase of work continues, with completion to occur this Fall 2014 for the entire project.  This intersection should be closed for approximately 2 months or so (could be sooner).  The contractor is moving quicker now that the sewer main installation is becoming shallower.  Residents will still have access to gain to their homes during construction.
  • The cones in the yards will be removed as the project continues to the west, as each section is completed.  So cones near the intersection of Millbrook and North Shore Rd will be removed fairly soon as paving should occur in the next few weeks at this intersection to Restmere.
  • I called Friday to our Operations folks about the lateral and cleanout at 204 North Shore Rd. and a City vac truck should have cleaned the lateral, sidewalk, and main this past Friday.



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