February 2013 message and meeting info

The February 2013 civic league meeting will be held on the 25th at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.
The Agenda includes:  DePaul Update,  Home Crime Prevention, and Rick Dempsey, Engineer, Norfolk Department of Utilities  – Update on Pump Station, Neighborhood Sewer Repairs.
Here is President Jim English’s message for February 2013:


Dear Neighbors,

Each year I try to give you a summary of the previous year’s activities in our civic league. We had an interesting and productive year. Below are highlights from our meetings:

1. January. Martin Thomas Jr. exhibited a sample of the wardscorner.com signage that would be purchased for all of the neighborhood signs in our civic league area at a cost of 73.00 per sign. We learned that Councilman Andy Protogyrou had requested that the power lines be buried in the area of the Perry Property reconstruction.
2. February. Councilman Andy Protogyrou updated us on Denby Park land acquisitions, crime increases, search for the new police chief and the Community Service Board. Chris Perry and his associates presented their site plan for the renovation of the SE corner of the business district where the new Harris Teeter grocery store will be built.
3. March. Delegate Kenny Alexander gave us a summary of the legislative action taken at this year’s Va. General Assembly. Delegate Linwood Lewis and Senator Ralph Northam were unable to attend this year. Martin Thomas gave updates on the Perry Property. Rick Dempsey from the department of Utilities presented an update of the sewer project and pump station construction. It was announced that the Dalis/Martone property was planning a 1.5 million dollar facelift of that property at the NE corner of the business district. Farm Fresh has also announced a two million dollar renovation of their store. Both are scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2012.
4. April. We held a candidate forum for City Council Super Ward 6. In attendance and speaking were. Councilman Barclay Winn, opponents Marcus Calabrese, John Amiral and Jesse Scaccia.
5. May. Senator Northam and Delegate Lewis were present and spoke to their activities in the Virginia General Assembly. We also heard updates from the Utilities Department regarding the sewer and pump station project.
6. June. We recognized our civic league members who faithfully keep our adopt-a- spot location cleaned up four times a year. They are: Ray Duron, Shawn and Stephanie Gallagher, Robert Lester, Steve and Pat Yaros and Sue Classick.
7. July. By vote of the membership we held a July meeting and heard updates on the various projects that were occurring in the neighborhood and business district.
8. August. No meeting
9. September. Dr. Brad Robinson, School Board Vice Chairman gave us a presentation on the activities of the Norfolk School Board.
10. October. We held a candidate forum for the seat vacated by delegate Kenny Alexander who moved to the Virginia Senate following election, replacing Senator Yvonne Miller. While the three candidates were invited, only Yvonne Allmond of the Towne Bank showed up for the forum. She presented her platform and answered questions. Martin Thomas Jr. also gave updates on development in the Business District.
11. November. Councilman Andy Protogyrou gave us several updates on city council actions and discussion regarding Wards Corner. Linda Bryant, Deputy Common-wealth Attorney, discussed her role as the lead attorney of the new satellite office of the Commonwealth Attorney in the Workforce Development Center.
12. December. We were pleased to have Dr. Samuel King, new Superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools, attend our meeting to speak on his vision for the Norfolk School System. Delegate Linwood Lewis also was present and spoke briefly about the upcoming 2013 Va. General Assembly session.

Finally, throughout the year our community police resource officer, Odell Davis, has attended all of our meetings and given us updates on crime in our area and how we can protect ourselves and prevent crime from happening to us. As a result of an apparent increase in crime in our area, particularly residential burglary, we and our police representatives are discussing how we can do more to stop this crime. Programs mentioned include neighborhood watch programs, increasing communication with the police via electronic media, and increased communication among ourselves when we see suspicious activity and/or crimes occurring. No one program may fit our needs but a combination may. If you are interested in learning more please come to our February meeting.

As the New Year begins we will be once again providing you with speakers on timely and relevant issues at our civic league meetings. We also want you to attend and bring your issues and concerns to us so that we may help address and/or rectify those issues and problems. You may keep track of the civic league happenings in this monthly newsletter, but your presence at the meetings is greatly appreciated. Please consider attending. Please also visit us at http://www.wardscorner.com.

Please note that our meeting date for February has changed due to the holiday. The February meeting will be the 25th at 6:45PM at the Wellness Center.

Thanks for allowing us to continue to serve you as officers of the Wards Corner Civic League

Happy New Year to all and wishes for a prosperous and healthy year.



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