May 2012 Message and meeting info

The May 2012 civic league meeting will be held on the 21st at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.
The Agenda includes invitations to: Senator Ralph Northam & Delegate Linwood Lewis – Highlights of 2012 General Assembly.  Rick Dempsey, Engineer Norfolk Department of Utilities – Update on Pump Station, Neighborhood Sewer Repairs.

Here is President Jim English’s message for May 2012:


Dear Neighbors,

Congratulations are in order for Councilman Barclay Winn on his re-election to our Superward.  Barclay has been with us for twelve years now and has assisted us with many of the redevelopment efforts that we see in Wards Corner today. For that we are grateful and thank him for his dedication to making a Wards Corner a better place.

The work, however, is not done and we expect him to continue supporting us in our determination in the total and complete revitalization of Wards Corner. He has said to me he will continue to do that and I know that he will do so as best he can.

Great strides have been made in the past few months that will set the stage for, hopefully, a more rapid redevelopment of the area. Just consider that in the past few months we have learned that:
1.   Chris Perry is completely redeveloping his property. Demolition should start this summer as all of the tenants relocate to other places. Harris Teeter has announced that this will be one their flagship stores and should open in 2014. We have also asked for the city to work with Dominion Power to bury the power lines on Granby and Little Creek road as this property is redeveloped.
2.   Joan Dalis is putting a facelift on her property which is starting now and should be completed in 6 months. Hopefully more and new stores will be opening there as well.
3.   Eight properties have been acquired and demolished in Denby Park and more properties are to be purchased in that area with an additional 2 million dollars allocated in next year’s city budget for more property acquisition and demolition.
4.   Norfolk Collegiate School’s Fine Arts Center is now under construction.
5.   Bon Secour DePaul Hospital will soon be undergoing a major renovation and upgrade.
6.   Farm Fresh is getting ready to do a 2 million dollar renovation of its store soon which will last into the fall of 2012.

Based on this I would say that things are beginning to look up for the area in the way of redevelopment. Wouldn’t you agree? I am sure I will be reporting on more developments as the weeks and months progress. Residents should be aware that Newport Ave near the Fitness and Wellness Center is closed to through traffic for utility work related to the new pump station being installed. The closure is expected to last until July / August 2012. Detour routes will be posted. The
community and residents will still have access to the Fitness and Wellness center.
I hope to see you at the next civic league meeting on May 21st as we welcome our State Senator Ralph Northam and State Delegate Linwood Lewis to our meeting to discuss their perspectives on the 2012 Virginia General Assembly.


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