September 2011 message and meeting info

The September 2011 meeting will be held on the 19th at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center.

The Agenda includes an invitation for the City Manager, Marcus Jones, to present.

Here is President Jim English’s message for June 2011:


Dear Neighbors,

The summer of 2011 is now almost in the history books as it has once again sped by very rapidly. I hope your summer was enjoyable and relaxing. Now that we have survived one hurricane named Irene, one earthquake, and an intermittent barrage of smoke from the continuing fire in the Great Dismal Swamp, I hope you are ready to begin the fall activities. Let’s hope we don’t have any more hurricanes this season. With fall fast approaching, school is in session and the Wards Corner Civic League will begin holding its regular meetings again beginning with our meeting at 645PM on September 19th to be held at the Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center. While we have not had a meeting in two months, our board members and members of our civic league have been busy working on issues to make our area better. This newsletter reflects some of these issues and concerns that we have been involved in and working on.

Over the summer two major accomplishments were realized that impact all of us.

First, we finally reached an agreement on the design and location of the new sewer pump station that will be located on the property of the Wellness Center. After several meetings, including those at our regular civic league meetings and others following, a final compromise was reached. We wish to thank Kristen Lentz, Director of Utilities and her staff for working with us so closely in reaching this compromise. They all deserve a healthy sincere thank you as they represent the best in our city government. The new pump station will be located just inside the entrance road to the Wellness Center to the north and slightly inward of the road. Its design will be brick and as much as possible blend in with the architecture of the nearby homes across the street and neighborhood. The next steps for final approval will be a review and approval by the Norfolk Design Review Committee and final approval by the Norfolk Planning Commission. Once these approvals are met, construction on the pump station could begin this fall. This of course is in preparation of the new sewer lines that will be placed throughout our neighborhood beginning with the streets of Burleigh, Maycox and North Shore. This construction will also begin late this fall.

Secondly, the city has finally agreed to start acquiring property in the Denby Park/Texas Street area of Wards Corner. This area, of course, has been the major source of crime in our neighborhood. In accordance with the 2004 Wards Corner Comprehensive plan, the City is purchasing property in Denby Park.

As quoted in the Virginia Pilot and the Wards Corner Now website.

“City Council members and the Wards Corner Task Force have partnered on the need to acquire properties within the Denby Park neighborhood, specifically the Texas Streets section. The acquisition is part of the city’s plan to build safe, healthy neighborhoods that will sustain future generations.

Total units being acquired are 68 apartment units located in seven buildings and the grounds. The parcels include 316, 320, 324, 336, 340, 360 and 362 San Antonio Boulevard.

My best to you,

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